Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Correspondence courses: I like to know about Dr. Mohan, the instructor of the courses. Dr. Mohan studied Sanskrit under a tutor Pandit in the traditional method from the time she was six years old. She got her Masters and Ph.D. in Sanskrit at Madras University, doing research in unpublished manuscripts of Sanskrit literature.

Dr. Mohan has taught for more than three decades. Students enjoy her vast knowledge, experience and articulate teaching methods, which blend both eastern and western techniques. Also her technique of reference method is very successful and encouraging even for people frightened by the old traditional rote method. Dr. Mohan was on the faculty of Madras University, India and also of Wesleyan University in U.S.A.

What kind of courses? At present seven levels of courses are being offered in person, of which the first four are available through correspondence also. Each course requires daily homework of half an hour. Each one of these courses is equal to a semester of the University language course. See webpage: for details of the courses. If you do not have an access to my webpage, I can mail course description to you. At present only the first four levels are available for the correspondence.

How is the guidance and supervision done? These courses offer step by step learning and exposure to the divine language, Sanskrit. Both written material as well as audio tapes are used in these courses. The student will be guided consistently through submitting the regular homework. Generally, after 1-2 years, the student should be able to translate and understand texts like the Bhagavad-gita. Following the Study Guide, the student progresses and sends the prescribed homework to Dr.Mohan periodically approximately once a month (twelve times or one year, whichever is earlier). Dr. Mohan will correct and send it back with corrections and comments. If there are many mistakes and if the concept is not understood clearly, the student will be asked to redo the homework again. For more information contact by email:

Do we have to finish a course in a given time period? You do not have any time restriction. You work as much as you can. But the correction and guidance service will end at the end of one year at the latest. This service is for 12 times/12 months or one year, whichever is earlier.

What material do we receive? You receive one or two books, one or two tapes which will cost nearly forty five dollars (included in the course fees). You may receive some other related papers or tapes for practice if needed.

How much does it cost? Sanskrit Level-1 $300/- Sanskrit Level-2 $350/- Sanskrit Level-3 $450/- Sanskrit Level-4 $550/- This fees includes all the material (book(s) + tapes), fees for correcting and guiding, and also mailing charges for the corrected material (For members in a country other than USA, the mailing charges will be added to their fees). This course is for 12 times/12 months or one year, whichever is earlier).

What is the important message from Dr. Mohan? I am interested in teaching only those genuinely interested. Sanskrit is an ocean of knowledge. I am trying my best to make it simpler by codifying rules in easy to understand patterns and creating exercises for practice. To achieve satisfying results, one has to be very very serious and systematic in study habits. Then only we both can enjoy and survive the course. Dr. Sarasvati Mohan, Director Sanskrit Academy

Please answer these questions and e_mail them to 1. How did you know about the Sanskrit Courses through correspondence? 2. What is your background, education, mother tongue, employment and family ? 3. How and where will you be using Sanskrit ? 4. How serious is your interest in learning Sanskrit? 5. Do you know Devanagari/Hindi script? When you send your answers to , you will hear within a few days. If you provide your postal mailing address, I can send you a general brochure.